13 July 2011


So this morning we were just chilling in our pj's (the adults anyways, the kids were dressed). And by chilling I mean Smasher was blowing bubbles under the cooler and laughing hysterically as they got blown about (and divided), Bryant was taking care of Babe (as Smasher calls her), and I was doing the dishes when when we hear the front door open and our friends Chris and Triana had dropped by. We were quite pleased to see them. The last time we had seen them was when their youngest was born (he's six months old now). I was a bit embarrassed by my attire but luckily they didn't seem to mind.

They brought a baby gift for Babe and it is the most adorable little dress, sunglasses, and a headband that Triana had made (pictures to come). So of course I have been re-inspired to make headbands for Babe and spent my evening googling all sorts of tutorials and suppliers, etc. It has made me want to craft more. If I do actually end up doing it I will post pictures, etc. My problem is that there are so many things that I want to make/do that I don't know where to start so I never end up actually doing it. Plus I get busy and the new school year is looming on the horizon so I also need to get busy and get some lesson plans, etc. made (I had a goal of making one everyday of the summer-- hasn't happened yet, sigh...).

I know you all (the 2 or 3 of you that read this) want to see pictures of the littles but unfortunately they are all on Bryant's computer and he is home at the moment which means I have been relegated to my laptop. Maybe next time.

Also, I kind of want one of these but can't justify the expense for the amount that I might use it.


Howells Fam said...
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Howells Fam said...

Sorry, that was me - my computer freaked out on me and published before I was done! I want one of those too! And yes, we do want to see pictures of your cute kiddos too! Also, I make some super cute flowers/headbands if you want some, just let me know!

just nikki said...

I want to see pictures of everything! Especially of the crafts you make. You're a very talented crochet-er.

smellame said...

You are a talented one indeed :)